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criticism of modern poetry

In our age, interpreting things is the success of poetry. At the beginning of this, Baudelaire brought an interpretation to life with the flowers of evil. Such that the pleasure taken from evil was hidden in the soul’s torment..Contemporary literature had given birth to the French Revolution. Writers like Umberto Eco were questioning history with novels like the name of the rose. So where was the poetry of thought. In the 20th century, the poets were faced with existential problems, like Rilke’s invitation to illness. the joy of not being anyone’s sleep’’.Nedim Demirbaş, who is also the author of this text, was born in Rize Çayeli. Since he started writing poetry in primary school, he always tried to surpass himself. According to the poet, poetry builds a castle out of words. As a poet who fell in love with Istanbul when he was in high school, he went to places frequented by travelers, always attracted his interest in abstract realism. Because he has enthusiasm, in the echo of the cold, hopes describes Istanbul in his poem as follows: "From Topkapı to Edirne, you will never see thinner children among the run-down buildings, the tourists who have become captives of the city, like a migrant girl looking for the Byzantine Empire, as if waiting for a miracle among the historical buildings in the Sultanahmet, they left their hair in the waves, polluted faces, cats in the suburbs. crammed coffees like the shore of sunken life, pigeons in the rosary of staying away from people’’.It is possible to find the drama of the poet gerarad de nerval in his poems, it is possible to see the depth in fantasy poetry with the following lines explaining the secret of life I know a weather, I wouldn’t change for the world: All Rossini, Mozart, Weber are yours. A very old air, heavy, sad, magnificent; Only I can hear what’s in it, fusun! Sleep in the rain poem! According to Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, who said: "Where are the hours knitted by the moonlight?," said Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, who said, "A colorless curtain in your eyes, A little distance from your sorrows. A soul is smiling deeply. According to Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Turkish poetry developed under the influence of western poetry." In his poem of drunken ship, rimbaud was giving clues that would change our nature with these lines. Then I was buried in the poetry of the sea, Inside me, from milky white foam, from the stars; Into the depths of the green blue that I cut, Sometimes a dead floated, pensive and admiring..As Özdemir Asaf builds his poetry on the problems experienced, he describes life in his love poem as follows: You are like a crowd in huge deserts, You are like a rare fish in huge seas. It warms you, you get cold, it makes you cry, it makes you laugh; You are both a disease and a health. The 50s are great. Since it is known with changes, the intellectual class saw the success of Kemalism in society. It is known as a cultural pain in it. 2.yeni.turgut uyar for distant destinies, "I don’t know how to cut it short. While I want to share in everyone’s troubles. The waters of distant destinies are ages now, the stars are pouring out of us forever." In the poem of four seasons, it was described as "Let them bury you in the autumn grave. You met like clusters. You made love like a web". She carried the poem of secret tragedy in Cansever to the brink of internal bleeding, in the pain of establishing a common language. in the gravity carnation poem "Do you know how little you live? For example, we drink raki, it’s like a clove is falling inside of us. A tree is working right next to us. My stomach was in my mind. My mind was just that long. Garip poetry movement became a style of poets who lived in the same period in Turkish poetry. For Orhan Veli, the representative of this movement, the expression life will be taken seriously. I can’t explain it because it is understood as staying away from the meaning, the following lines appear in his poetry.’’ Would you hear my voice if I cry, In my verses; Can you touch my tears with your hands? I didn’t know that songs are so beautiful and words are not enough Before I fell into this trouble. There is a place, I know;It is possible to say everything; I’m pretty close, I hear; I can not tell..Sebahattin Ali, an important figure in Turkish poetry, wrote in prison, "Your dreams cry in the mirror," he said when he was alone. His poem We were in the same branch, which was composed by Nazım Hikmet, said it’s been a hundred years since he had seen his face for his destiny in the city..e.e.cumming says that a small look will dissolve me easily in his poem "Hands of the rain". Just like Neruda said in his poem "The Song of Wheat", we are the people, we are born again in death.Like every Turkish writer who believed in ideologies, atilla ilhan has a poem about separation and love for him; the wind has driven the stars into distant darkness.if a spider starts to cry, in his dream/the rifle in which I put a rose starts to die. Poem Sezai Karakoçun. While mothers who didn’t even bloom violets this year, his poem belongs to him while they are waiting for cherries. Here is the truth that Romeo and Juliet escaped. The test of true love with death. As Ismet Ozel said; when I reach the age to suffer I destroyed my places to deal with the pain. The poet bases his poem on this truth while smiling at my executioner. The truth that Necip Fazil sees in the mirrors. What did he fear of death, what did he say. Proust traced the real history in the footsteps of lost time. Don Brown’s lost symbol book is the window to secret worlds. What should people believe now? .Little Alexander was one of the important poets of the 80s with the poems he wrote. It is possible to describe the poem of other things as a depiction of an uprising. His crying crisis for no reason was as if he was saying autumn. When I said I would cross the desert in the harbours, not the sand. Again, bejan mature is the spokesperson of this generation, the legend of the sacred he has accumulated in his poems, like his ceremonial clothes. Just like in the eastern poetry that hurts the wind, I came, I came silent and sad I left myself on your land My heart was saying wait before it’s too late A temple But I’m late Just like in his lines.murathan mungan He wrote similar poems like the moon and olive, as in the night. The line of slapping eyelashes is to find the mystery of our beauties, maybe by holding a mirror to forbidden lovemaking.In the poem that evolved from surrealism to dadaism, artaud’s anarchist identity was describing the brutality with these phrases in his poetry, Give heads, let us be fire, let it be embers. Heads burned by celestial lightning, Awake heads, completely real heads, Let it reflect from your presence. Aragon and andre breton influenced poets such as nedim fixtures. Nedim Demirbaş, who looked at life with the truth of nothingness, discovered the poems of Aragon at an early age, saying, Aragon found the cultural life soulless with the following lines in his happy love poem: "Man can never hold everything in his hands, what is his power" Neither your weakness nor your heart And when I opened your arms, his shadow would be a cross poet.’My wife with forest fire hair Heat lightning thoughtful’’d drink hughes "Red was your favorite color. It was red ochre, to warm the dead", which he expressed in his bullet poem describing love are meanings attached to faith.

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