Kuvvete dayanmayan adalet aciz, adalete dayanmayan kuvvet zalimdir. Pascal [Paylaş]
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In Love
Late night city park, all the stars are bright tonight,
I see young people passing by,
holding each other, oh so tight.

theres a star for every heart,
whats the chance they cross each other's path,
and if they do i wonder, why.

they may groom time after time.

theyre in love, so in love forever in love (x2) [sax solo]

years fly by like the blink of an eye,
rough moments they all fade out,
two hearts think and speak as one,
beautiful memories cannot be undone

life has its ways we dont know why,
only time can tell how long the life will shine,
and if a star burns up in the sky
the other ones will shine twice as bright [sax solo again]

Sweet Coffee


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