Unforgiving Journey

Edwin Yongka Nyuyshiyver
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Edwin Yongka Nyuyshıyver is a Cameroonian born writer and an Interpol certified expert specialized in Transnational and Organized Crime. He is also a Political Consultant and a member of the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC). Other books written by him; Sunrise in Istanbul also published in Turkish as Istanbul'da Güneşin Doğuşu, Dilem, The Political Pot Keeps Boiling, Election Day and I Speak of Africa; the dichotomy of African and "African't".

Top notch! They survived war, poverty and persecution but they didn't survive Europe. -FIDH - International Federation for Human Rights-

"A bold and exquisite writer with amazing vision and depth. Yongka is an academic risk taker" -Ersin Kalkan, Sabah Newspaper, Istanbul-

The vast influx of humanity across borders brings us to the age of migration with its own individual stories and provoking questions: How could the rescue team focus more on rescuing the dollars in the drowning migrant's pocket instead of saving his life? How could the boat conductors be so merciless by throwing a young lady overboard despite her piercing cry and commanding beauty? How could the waves be so kind to the seashore by bringing it gifts such as dead bodies, passports, bibles and talismans? How could a glass of human urine be more costly than a bottle of gin? Unforgiving Journey is based on a true story which unveils the untold mysteries of irregular migration and much more….. It is a heart arresting book that illuminates the nature of high-risk migration around the world and the challenges of these migrants who, like countless others are often in the news but rarely understood. The author represents the main character in the book and brings out the heart and soul of organized crime in the areas of human trafficking and people smuggling. Nyuyshiyver's book is a good read for people from all walks of life especially immigration officers, policy makers and students of migration. This mind tasking book vibrates with a passion and emotion that any conscious person would find it hard to ignore.

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